Learning by Training: Boost your competency

// By Peter Mackay on 26 Apr 2024
Learning by Training: Boost your competency

What I discovered when researching information theory as part of physics is that an information deficit is equivalent to an energy (to do work) deficit. This means that functionality of all living systems, including our industry, depends on the use of real-time, optimal information. The universe and nature work like this too.

I look at the first and second laws of thermodynamics and the newly proposed law by Dr Melvin Vopson of the University of Portsmouth (I interviewed him in person) which he named the second law of information dynamics (infodynamics). This is based on the Mass-Energy-Information equivalence principle. We already apply this to our work to boost performance levels dramatically. As you may know, the universe uses minimum but optimal information. This ‘minimum’ is equal to the need for a  minimum quantity of energy (maximal efficiency without causing loss or waste). When you apply this, you will gain so-called free energy by the acquisition of information. Entropy is sometimes described as ‘the information we don’t have or don’t use’.

I designed the following equations to measure and predict functionality. I depends on how people understand how nature functions (perception).

¬p(m-(i ≡ e))>r→∆S

entropy / disorder / dysfunctionality

¬p: false perception; m: symbol for living systems as matter/mass; i: information; ≡ equivalence symbol; e: energy; r  > beyond reality → results in; ∆S: social entropy/disorder or probability of dysfunctionality.

√p(m+(i ≡ e))≤r→J

negentropy / order / functionality

√p: correct perception; m: symbol for living systems as matter/mass; i: information; ≡ equivalence symbol; e: energy; ≤ equal to within r, reality → results in; J: social negentropy/order or probability of functionality.

I then designed so called PPP’s: Performance Probability Patterns of Marine Storage Terminals based on these laws of physics:

P(A) Probability Function of Information Deficit (C) =

Metaphysical Equation: P(A) C: (i-e) ⇒ ∆S

Probability Function of C due to a lack of information ≡ is equivalent to dissipated (displaced) energy, which is no longer available to do useful work ⇒ implying increased (entropy) disorder (growing ∆S).

Hence: systems that are dependent on a shortage of information, lack of knowledge, unawareness, delays in preventive action, accelerate internal and external (impact) Performance Probability Patterns of dysfunctionality ≡ Entropy.

This may be look a bit odd, but when you read this slowly, I am sure you will understand the significance of this. Anyway I tested them and can demonstrate empirically that it works. Practical uses of the equations were tested empirically in marine storage terminals where the quantity of information prior to and after a loading master training was measured. Quantifying the volumetric growth in information helps industries to detect potential learning and information gaps (loss of energy to function).

This is the latest in a monthly series of articles by Arend van Campen, founder of TankTerminalTraining, who can be contacted at arendvc@tankterminaltraining.com. More information on the company’s activities can be found at www.tankterminaltraining.com.

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