5 Reasons Why Packaging Of Chemical Products Is Important

// By Deborah Bligh on 1 Jun 2020
5 Reasons Why Packaging Of Chemical Products Is Important

When it comes to the packaging of chemical products, there are a number of challenges to tackle. Chemical products can be toxic, dangerous, and sensitive in nature. The method and design for chemical packaging are always evolving in an effort to keep people and the environment safe from harm.

Keeping that in mind, we are going to take a look at some reasons why it is important to have proper packaging for chemical products:

Prevent Exposure To Toxic Chemicals- brief or prolonged exposure to industrial chemicals poses serious health hazards. Toxic substances must be carefully handled and durable packaging is essential. Packaging must be able to contain chemicals for a long time with zero leakage. Manufacturing facilities generally perform automatic packaging processes without direct human intervention.

Prevent Fire Outbreak- hydrocarbon-rich chemicals and pure gases can be highly flammable and weak packaging may contribute to instant combustion. Aerosol sprays with a flammable liquid base are usually packaged in metallic cans. Static electricity may also cause explosions in pressurised canisters and it’s easier to release static from metal packaging. Nitrogen or other non-reactive gases could be added inside the packaging to reduce flammability. 

Prevent Environmental Pollution- safe packaging of chemicals prevents the leeching of chemicals into the surroundings. Pesticides that leech away from the packaging cause direct hazards to the environment, especially if it pollutes water bodies. Woven sacks are often used as packaging for solid chemicals and they are inadequate to prevent pollution. Some metals like sodium, potassium and lithium are highly explosive when accidentally exposed to water. For liquid chemicals, glass packaging is often used. With certain thickness and shape, industrial-grade glass containers are durable and resistant to breakage even when accidentally dropped.

Keep Chemicals Separated- a chemical product is often consisted of multiple components that must be separated during shipping and distribution. They will be mixed in correct proportion by end users. Industrial adhesives, lubricants and degreasers often consist of multiple chemical components.

Easy Identification- chemical products should be easily and directly identifiable in manufacturing facilities. Each product may have packaging with unique colours, shape and size. In industrial processes, the slightest presence of unwanted chemicals can ruin the final product. The use of improper chemicals will require rigorous clean down of the whole manufacturing line, which is time-consuming and expensive.

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